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Assorted Soaps 100g

Made in Austria

Alpin Derm Whey Soap - a mild natural plant soap with added whey for daily body and skin care. Ideal for extra sensitive skin types. Creamy lather, cleanses and gently regulates your skin's natural pH value.

Aloe Vera - Pure aloe vera protects the skin during washing. Moisture levels are redressed in dry and sensitive skin.

Lavender - A soothing lavender soap, ideal for skin under stress. Made from pure plant oils and the best quality lavender.

Mandarin - Pure essential oils are used for a sweet aroma.

Rose Blossom - Plant soap with the fragrance of the rose - also use for mild face cleaning. The foaming natural soap balances and harmonizes the skin.

Shea Butter - Use this moisturising soap with shea butter to indulge your skin. A mild cream soap is ideal for very sensitive skin.

Verbena - This is a lemon fresh combination ideal to rebalance and reactivate the skin.