Welcome to Sass and Pony


I'm Sara - owner and creator of Sass & Pony 

A Bit about Me

I have had a life long obsession with horses and all things horse related. My first time on a horse I was just a baby and spent my childhood living on a farm, playing with horses and our other animals. My parents used to joke that I could ride before I could walk. Later my dad become a race horse trainer so spent my weekends at the horse races. Teenage years were spent as a licenced racehorse strapper - lots of long hours and trying to complete high school and university and working part time selling horse floats - But was an amazing time in my life!

During my adult life I chose a different career path but it was never truly my passion. In 2019 I was made redundant after almost 20 years that was alot to take on as I have worked my entire life. So I decided to set myself a challenge and create something I have wanted too for a long time!!

Sass and Pony was created because I love horses and surround myself with all things horsey. I'm often asked where I get all the treasures I find so thought why not set up a business to share these treasures with my fellow horse mad people. Oh and I've included unicorns and some other products thought you might love!

Plus I like to keep busy sourcing and creating horse related products to wear and for your home and it brings me loads of enjoyment. Along with juggling being a mum to 3 crazy lovable kids.

So there is a little about me and why I started Sass and Pony.

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xx Sara (Sass)